Highlight Your Restaurant's Ambience

Feature Clear, Colorful Food Images

Feature Speciality Dishes

Menus Are Important

Location and Contact Information

Name/Phone Number/Email/ Days/Hours/Map/Directions

Engage Guests with Social Media

Collect Email Addresses

Give Guests Incentive to Provide Email Address

Elements of a Restaurant Website

No matter what kind of restaurant you have all restaurants need the same key elements.  And, it must be mobile friendly. Mobile devices are becoming more popular and many visitors will use mobile devices when searching for a restaurant.

Smartphones First

Overwhelmingly, people use mobile phones to search for local businesses. This is especially true when trying to find a place to eat.  A survey of 1,500 consumers who own a smartphone, found that 8 out of 10 have searched for a restaurant on a mobile device in the past six months. Other key findings include:

•iPhone owners are more likely to search for a restaurant than other smart phone owners
•8 out of 10 consumers think it’s important to see a menu before they choose a restaurant
•7 out of 10 think it is important to be able to read the menu of a restaurant on a mobile device
•6 out of 10 are less likely to choose a restaurant if they can’t read the menu on a mobile device
source: Constant Contact

A recent poll found that half of all adult Americans own either a smartphone or a tablet, so many people now look for information about your restaurant on these devices. If you’ve got a state-of-the-art website but only a token presence on mobile devices, you’re missing a huge chunk of the market.
source: Pew Research

Here’s a list of the features and pages to consider when building your restaurant website.

Your Story

People love stories. Give your readers your interesting story in an About page. This is also a great place to add a photo gallery and your restaurant’s ambiance.


Your menu is the star of the show. So please don’t make people download a PDF menu. Show it to them on the site. Make it interactive. Give them the information they need for their entire family. The menu should include:

  • Pictures of the food
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Dietary information
  • Price
  • Recommendations
  • Specials
  • What’s new

Use professionally photographed food images.

Images taken with a phone’s camera will usually not present the dishes in the most mouth-wartering way. Poor quality images can cause lost customers. Beautiful, colorful, well lit, sharp focused images invite guests to dine in your restaurant.

Contact Information, Hours, Location and Map

Include your contact information such as your phone number, email, and hours of operation, address, etc. Include directions with a map.


You can show off your food in a gallery. Another great way to use a gallery is to show potential visitors the ambiance of the restaurant.


Booking for reservations is a key element for a restaurant website. Visitors want the process to be intuitive and easy.

Online Orders

Having the ability to place an order directly through the website is powerful.

Testimonials and Reviews

When guests have many choices to from which to pick, testimonials can make the difference.


Include a page that talks about the upcoming and ongoing events in the restaurant. This can be anything from Sunday lunch specials to Super Bowl parties.

Customers Email Addresses

The value of collecting customer’s emails is without question. By signing up to your list, customers are allowing you to send them updates about your menu, specials, events and special offers. It keeps your restaurant in their minds. When they think about going to a restaurant you want them to think about you.

Social Media

Encourage your guests to share their experience on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Let them Like your specials and share the news with their friends. Make it easy for your guests to share by using one-click social media buttons.

Gift Cards

You can sell and manage gift certificates and accept payments through PayPal and popular payment gateways.

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